Zambian Guesthouse_mood board

Zambian Guesthouse Reception

The brief

Spruce Interiors Light Package was purchased for R1200. The client requested a design concept for their reception area. They wanted it to ensure there was a cohesive flow from the reception through to the 20 guest rooms, which have a grey, navy and white colour scheme. They had a budget of R7000, excluding recovering the existing furniture.

Reception before pictures

Spruce Interiors Zambian Guesthouse Reception Area Before pictures

Spruce Interiors’ Moodboard

Spruce Interiors Zambian Guesthouse Reception Moodboard

Interior Designer Bronwyn Hill suggested the following:

Paint the chairs and doors white. This will help open up the area Add chartreuse scatters to the occasional chairs
Cover one sofa in chartreuse, adding scatters as suggested in the moodboard
Place a sofa beneath the window with an angled occasional on either side
Drop 3 pendants in place of the existing light
Replace the lamp shade with a larger one, including a pattern interior fabric and plain on the exterior
Add a lamp to reception counter
Retain the Africa feel created by some existing accessories and add in belly baskets and greenery
Add a landscape mirror above the one sofa
And finally, a big beautiful rug in the colorway will pull the room together

The Shopping List

We enjoyed sourcing items in line with the agreed moodboard. Our primary shop was Hertex for this project where we found most of what we were looking for. Alternate options were also provide from MrPrice in order to give the client options, taking in to account their budget requirements.

Below are some samples of fabrics selected.

Spruce Interiors Zambian Guesthouse Reception Hertex Samples

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