Family Living Room Refresh

The Brief

This client was actually gifted our Light Package and then upgraded it to the Classic. She wanted her living room to have a refresh.

“I’m looking to brighten up my very dull/brown lounge and make it more modern. We will be pulling up the carpet and polishing the beautiful parquet underneath. I like a clean look but definitely enjoy colour and would love to bring in small elements of African chic. I’m also looking for practical as I have a 2 and 4 year old so light fabrics and too many scatter cushions are never ideal. One area i would love some inspiration for is the 2 separate areas we have in our lounge. The main lounge area and then what my kids call the back lounge currently housing the computer area and drinks cabinet.” 

Before picture

Lounge Before Photo

After Picture

Mood Board

The client was matched with Lisa (Click HERE for more info on Lisa) who’s response was ‘ this style is just up my alley’.

Lisa assisted with placement of the existing furniture, suggesting incorporating a coloured wall to separate the 2 areas in the living room, as well as leading with ‘less is more, avoid cluttering your space’. The below Mood Board gives you a peak in to what the client was presented with, along with a detailed shopping list and many more suggestions to brighten up her lounge.

Complete design

A few snapshots of the Before and After Results!



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