Candice Nel, one of our Spruce Online Interior Designers

Candice Nel

Nel Lounge Makeover

When this young family moved into their new home, they wanted the old-school lounge to have a more contemporary look to better suit their style. The home-owners had recently purchased the house and would soon be moving in with their own furniture. The brief was completed on a relatively small budget.

The old electric fireplace which was both outdated and a huge energy consumer was removed and replaced with a wood burning combustion stove. On removing the mantle and electric fireplace, the original fire place was revealed, which had beautiful detail, this was painted black and given a white border to create impact. The Megamaster Cairo Fireplace – R5999, was then installed, giving the room a warm, romantic atmosphere.

An accent wall was created by painting the focal wall in a deep blue, using Dulux Venetian Crystal 1. It is amazing how this color has completely transformed this room into a more contemporary space.

A few simple items were added to the mantle, to create interest, while not too much clutter.

The round mirror on the wall was the couples 5th Anniversary gift, representing “wood”. It adds an alternative focal point, balancing out the room.

The old-school hanging pendant light was replaced with simple down-lighters.

The furniture in the room was replaced with the couples own furniture, the overall effect is more modern, while still keeping with the general feel of this Golden-Oldie house. The next step in this makeover will be to remove the carpets to reveal the beautiful original oak floors.